Cultural Ambassador in China

Program highlights

  • No Fee
  • Allowance available
  • Free accommodation
  • Visa assistance
  • Airport pickup

This program is created by Yabroad with the believe of the power of youth and exchange.

We have selected Cultural Ambassadors from Canada, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA…yes, almost all over the world.

Being a Cultural Ambassador gives you great opportunities, you are funded for three months or longer time to be fully immersed in China and connect to Chinese people. You can obtain much deeper knowledge on this land/people comparing to a traveler. Only sky is your limit.

Being a Cultural Ambassador also challenges you. You need to be creative and open, to design and host various activities for Chinese kids/youth to interact with them, introduce them foreign cultures. You also should be curious and independent, to explore and share your own findings to the world about China.


Our previous Cultural Ambassadors:

Cultural Ambassador program

Alexis Jais, 19 years old

For someone who has never travelled outside of the United States before, coming to China was an ambitious endeavor to say the least. I was entirely unprepared for the difference in culture and environment, and I had a lot of trouble adjusting to living here.

However, the incredibly patient, friendly, and accommodating members of Yabroad, as well as the other cultural ambassadors, swiftly alleviated my feelings of unease. China is an amazing country, and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to travel and see so many beautiful sights while here in spite of my challenging but incredibly rewarding experience as a Cultural Ambassador.

Internship in China

Genevieve Latour, 22 years old

Embarking on the journey to China from Canada was a bit daunting. China is crazier, nicer and prettier than you could possibly imagine. It’s the kind of place you have to be willing to re-learn everything you thought you knew in order to survive.

That culture immersion is what I truly take away from my experience at Yabroad and having the chance to give an ounce of Canuck heritage to Chinese children was also pretty amazing. The adventures I lived in China and the people I spent them with made it truly worth my while. And if I’m being entirely honest, the food was a dream come true.


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My Cultural Ambassador Experience

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The Two Missions as a Cultural Ambassador

With CultureSky

  • Design and host activities for Chinese youth (3-16 years old)
  • Lead Chinese youth to explore different aspects of foreign lifestyles, cultures, etc.
  • Host varying community events including food festivals and holiday events

Teaching in China


With Yabroad platform

  • Discover and experience different things in China. It can be about sight seeing, traditional culture, music, food or anything.
  • Organize your experience and finding in China in a interesting way and promote them to the world

discover China


The world is globalized but far from understanding. As Marco Polo of 21st century, you might never know how profound your influence is.Simply because you are the media for your audience to know China or to know the world.

"Stay Hungry, stay foolish."

Dive into this program, and we wish you discover your inner power from it.


Our expectation on you

Proactive, Open, Sharing, Tolerant, Curious

  • 18-30 year old
  • Fluent in English, experience of working with children
  • Able to be independently and collaborate with other team members
  • Capable of organizing activities and events
  • Enjoying some specialties is a plus


Practical supports and facilities:

  • Pre-departure consultation, advice and visa assistance
  • Fund for your living in China from our sponsors (up to 3800 RMB/month )
  • Free housing (fully furnished shared apartment w/ water, electricity and internet)
  • Airport pickup on arrival day
  • Onsite orientation and training
  • Certificate for your achievement at the end of the program

Program does NOT cover the cost of flights to and from China, visa and insurance.



  • Program onging all year long
  • Flexible start date
  • Minimum length 3 months with the chance of further extensions

To apply, please register on Yabroad and submit your application.

Applicants who are successful at the application review stage will be invited for an online interview via Skype.

Once accepted, we will require a refundable deposit of 200 Euro (232 USD) to process your visa.

Expect the application process to take around 2-4 weeks.



The program is hosted in city NANTONG, a city on the east coast of China, with rich surroundings to explore: Shanghai, Suzhou, Yangzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Nanjing are all quite convient to reach.

Nantong location on the map
Nantong and surroundings on the map


FAQ section

Q: Is it an internship, job or volunteering?

A: None of these, its culture exchange program, which gives you a chance to explore diversity of China and create activities for kids due to show them culture of your country.

Q: Can I participate if I need to take part in internship because of my university.

A: Yes, in the end of program we provide program evaluation sheet as well as we are able to provide a reference (if necessary).

Before arrival:

Q: Which are the vaccinations required?

A: We advice to visit doctor and ask straight. No vaccination required for getting visa.

Q: Do you recommend any medical insurance?

A: Yes, we recommend to have standard traveling medical insurance.

Q: Can I only rely on my Bank debit card or should I bring extra cash/travel card in your currency?

A: We recommend to exchange some cash in your country and bring it to China, but also you can use debit or credit card supported by Visa, Master Card, Diners Club and American Express. We recommend to have some cash exchanged in your country, because you can check different banks and see which exchange rating is more convenient.

Q: Should I bring medicine with me?

A: We strongly recommend to bring some cold, stomach bug medicine. It will be problematic to find western medicine which you get used to.


Program Sponsors, Supporters and Partners


SU   kthdasheng

  • CultureSky: program main executor
  • Long River Cultural Exchange Center in Nantong: Sponsor and supporter
  • Vicul Cultural Exchange AB: Overseas supporter
  • Stockholm University: Overseas supporter
  • KTH - Royal Institute of Technology: Overseas supporter
  • Dasheng Hacker Block: Local supporter
  • Nantong People Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries: Local supporter
  • CCYL | Nantong: Local supporter
  • CTAS | Sweden: Overseas partner