Uderstanding China - Group visit customization

"Uderstanding China" is a group visit customization program for oversees high school student group to visit China for experience and in-deepth exchange experience.

The program is flexible and highly customizable. Depending on your requirement, we can help to plan and connect with various local organizations on culture, sports, education, business, technology and sightseeing etc. With the support of our own CultureSky Internation Club, we can also organize activities with local Chinese students together. We believe this is the way to make the exchange experience more profound.

With our branches, we can cover east and southwest China for program execution, and sightseeing outside those areas are also available.

Understanding China

Program Hightlight

  • Highly customizable schedule
  • Various activities available such as sports, performance, etc.
  • Experience local cultural elements with Chinese students together 
  • School visits and exchange
  • Visit high-tech or other local enterprises
  • Multiple cities available for one visit
  • Organize lectures for teachers

Contact us

If you are interested in this program, feel free to contact us for more details and tell us your requirements.


Openning this summer

Nantong International Summer Camp 2016 - Associated with Chinese Bridge

Host: Nantong Returned Overseas Chinese Federation, CCYL Nantong

Organizers: Nantong Youth International Exchange Base, Nantong Long River Youth Cultural Exchange Center

Support: Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban)

To improve the understanding of Chinese traditional culture, experiencing the diversity of Chinese society for students from overseas Confucius Institute, Confucius Class and overseas Chinese student, Nantong Returned Overseas Federation and CCYL Nantong decide to host a summer camp on 2016 July.


Group members

  • 30 students for Confucius’s schools in the world.
  • 3 Chinese teachers for Confusion’s schools in the world.

30 overseas Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classroom students, overseas Chinese youth, having the nationality of residence or permanent residency, a certain Chinese basis, between the ages of 12-18 years old, in good health.

At most 3 Chinese teachers to organize students.






CultureSky Internation Youth Exchange Base, Tongqi Road 8, Nantong, China.



  • Host Family with children in similar age
  • Host family will provide a separate room with a singer bed, have a seat, WIFI and public toilet
  • Host family will provide pick-up services to the designated location
  • Children from the host family will participate in the summer camp together
  • A single room in qualified foreign guests Business Hotel will be prepared for accompany teacher



Bus with driver


Expense, allowance and others

  • The local expense including picking up, program, traffic, accommodation, party and food is free
  • The Visa application, travel insurance and international airplane fee is not included
  • For each 10 students in group, teachers can apply for allowance from host: 5000 RMB for participants from Europe or America; 3000 RMB for participants from Asia or Australia
  • Each group needs to prepare at least one arts or cultural performance
  • Each participant needs to prepare one speech (self defined topic)



1st day

Camp registration, home dinner and have a rest


2nd day in Nantong

- Open ceremony of camp

- Teamwork of knowing each other

- Chinese teaching: Chinese social and people

- Lunch, 11.45 am

- Chinese teaching: Nantong Museum introduce and visiting

- Home Dinner

- Evening Event (6:30-9:30): Speech of cross-culture education

  • Introduce school and country for students
  • Speech on Cross-culture education for teachers


3rd day in Nantong

- Chinese teaching: Chinese traditional crafting activity together with Chinese students of Blue Cloth

- Lunch

- Workshop in Nantong Horticulture Exposition

- Home Dinner

- Guest Speeches on interesting topic for six students, 6:30 – 9: 30, Audience: University professors, related people in government department, institute and organization, Schools’ students, etc.


4th day in Nantong

- Chinese teaching: Peking Opera of Mei School

- Festival: Opening Ceremony of Nantong 1st international youth festival

- Lunch

- Festival: Youth culture garden party

- Sightseeing, Hao river night cruise

- Home Dinner


5th day in Nantong

- Festival: Forum of youth cross-culture communication

- Lunch

- Friendship Football Match

- Home dinner

- Festival: Arts Culture Party


6th day in Nantong

- MUN program with Chinese students using Chinese

  • Topic: Future peace in the east Asian
  • About 5-10 roles who talking based on different big countries in the world

- Lunch

- Continues of MUN grogram and presentation for each group

- Home Dinner


7th day in Shanghai

- Arrive at Shanghai

- Visiting Shanghai Baosteel

- Lunch

- Visiting Shanghai Jiaotong University

- Pujiang night, The bund, Waibaidu Bridge, Nanjing Road

- Dinner in Suzhou

- Hotel Check in


8th day in Suzhou

- Outside teamwork in Gu's House

- Lunch

- Outside teamwork in Shangfang Mountain National Forest Park

- Drive to Nantong

- Home Dinner


9th day in Nantong

- Chinese idioms Competition

- Lunch

- Chinese idioms Competition

- Camp closing ceremony

- Farewell dinner


10th day Return

- Drive to Shanghai airport

- Return